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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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1. How long have you been in business?

As explained on our "About Us" page, I have been in business since 1993 as Electrical Services Group, a specialty electrical/electronics retailer and contractor.

This web site was started 3/1/00 to try our hand at online marketing of electrical related products and tools and then my family wanted to get involved. So I asked them "What do we sell?" and my wife said "Something for Everyone." Then we starting selling Moor EMS Marine Electronics, Golf Clubs and shortly after Dry Hands Ultimate Gripping Solution. We are branching into other items as well.

2. Why do you sell such a wide variety of products?

Our motto is "Something for Everyone" so we want to offer products that appeal to lots of people. Some people won't be interested in some products, but will be in others. We have dropped several items recently but are very interested in adding more unique products.

3. What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard and American Express through secure online ordering. We also accept PayPal and we may add new payment methods in the future.

4. Do you accept checks or money orders?

No. For "online" orders we cannot accept checks or money orders. (an online order is one that happens the moment you decide to purchase, by pressing the "Place in Shopping Cart" button, viewing your shopping cart, checking out, selecting your payment option, etc.) If you wish, you may phone in an order must pay by Credit Card.

5. Is your site able to handle "secure" credit card tranactions?

You bet. EsgDirect.com, through Linkpoint processes your orders using SSL (secure sockets layers) form of encryption. You may choose to call inl your order if you are not comfortable entering your credit card info over the internet.

6. How do you ship your products?

We ship primarily via UPS Ground. You must have a physical street address in order products to be shipped by UPS. Most all small packages we will ship via USPS (US Mail) Priority Mail. We can however, make other arrangements for shipping, just e-mail us for more info. In most cases the shipping is your choice and Next Day or 2nd Day Air is available. The shipping charges will be actual UPS/USPS costs plus a nominal insurance/handling fee.

7. How soon do you ship orders?

Generally, if the product is in stock, we will ship it right away. Some products, because they are customized to suit our customers needs will generally take some time, from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. E-mail us if you need to know before you buy or as always, we will let you know by return e-mail how long before we ship your products after you place your order. The moment we settle your order, you will get an order confirmation email from us.